Picture Perfect Koi Pond for a Luxury Penthouse

Mon, 2 Oct 2023

Picture Perfect Koi Pond for a Luxury Penthouse

At the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, rising majestically, stands Landmark 81 – the epitome of luxury living. And within its confines, lies the penthouse owned by our customer, a place where opulence meets serenity, particularly with its koi pond that holds a vast expanse of 70m3 water.
The Challenge: Harmonizing the New with the Existing

Introducing a new filtration system into an existing infrastructure is no standard feat, and the customer’s koi pond was no exception. The objective? Seamlessly integrate Waterco’s state-of-the-art equipment without compromising the pond’s beauty or functionality. Given the pond’s unique design, ensuring smooth water flow alongside efficient filtration was paramount.
The customer reached out to Waterco’s authorized dealer, Enduser, to which the following solutions were proposed:
• Aquabiome ASM900: A dual filtration system promising unmatched filtration prowess.
• Hydrostorm 200: Installed in a set of three, offering unparalleled water propulsion.

The Aquabiome Filter & Hydrostorm Pump Installed Within The Custom-Made Koi Pond Shed, Designed For Both Practicality & Aesthetic
Designed specifically for ponds and water gardens, the Aquabiome filter offers both mechanical and biological filtration within one unit. With its capability to support vast nitrifying bacteria populations, it stands out for its reliability and ease of maintenance, making it ideal for high-density recirculation systems. Its structure is optimized for maximum water flow, ensuring efficiency, and is built with the latest fibreglass winding technology, offering UV stabilization and corrosion resistance for outdoor installations. Additionally, its air-assisted hydraulic backwash system simplifies maintenance while saving time and water.

Pressure Gauge For Monitoring & Maintenance

The Hydrostorm pump features an ingeniously designed impeller and diffuser that maximize hydraulic output while minimizing turbulence. This leads to shorter run times and reduced energy consumption, ultimately lowering operating costs. Constructed with cutting-edge engineering plastic moulding and reinforced with a single-piece strainer pot and volute, the pump body is exceptionally durable. It also incorporates a high-grade 316 stainless steel mechanical seal for added corrosion resistance.

Our Many Satisfied ‘Patrons’

Blending Nature with Modern Functionality

The customer is pleased with the final outcome, commenting that the filtration system is working up to boot. This isn’t just an acknowledgement of the system’s functionality, but a nod to the impeccable service, attention to detail, and expertise that Waterco brings to the table.

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Download: Case Study - Penthouse 81 HCM.pdf

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