Micron SPDD Nozzle Plate Side Mount Deep Bed Filters

The Micron Side Mount Nozzle Plate Deep Bed (SPDD) series filters, come with a nozzle plate lateral configuration, have a filter media bed depth of 1200 mm, and a 2.5 bar, 4.0 bar, 6.0 bar, and 8.0 bar pressure rating. 

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  • Micron SPDD filters are fitted with a plate and nozzle system, which ensures uniform flow for both filtering and backwashing. This ensures maximum performance through the media bed.

    The nozzle plate system also allows the introduction of pressurised air directly into the bottom of the filter media. Uniform introduction of air and water through the nozzle plate provides vigorous agitation and filter media expansion required for an effective air/water backwash leading to reduced backwashing times and reduced volumes of water. This saves up to 25% of backwash water.

  • Patented nozzle plate filter

    A new method of fabricating a nozzle plate filter eliminates failure rates experienced in most other nozzle plate filters. Nozzle plates are traditionally attached to the wall of the filter, separating the unfiltered water and filtered water of the tank. During filtration mode as well as backwashing mode, the plate has cyclic movement vertically flexing upwards and downwards, whereas the wall of the filter has cyclic movements horizontally flexing inwards and outwards.

  • Flexible joint

    Waterco’s unique construction method eliminates this problem, by creating a separate chamber within the filter. Additionally, the nozzle plate is attached to the wall of the filter with a flexible joint, instead of traditionally attaching a rigid joint. This removes the stress typically found in traditional nozzle plate filters, further enhancing the durability of these filters.

The filters can be used with a combination of in depth filtration techniques, and a variety of media, to provide everything from sediment removal to the elimination of minerals and odours from water. Combining filter housings and various filter media, Micron Deep Bed filters can be fitted in configurations to provide multi-stage water treatment. With easy access for filter media filling and removal, the SPDD series filters are versatile and can be used in most water treatment applications.


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