Commercial chemical dosers

    Automated systems ensure the condition of the pool water is kept clean and healthy by constantly monitoring the pH and the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).

    The pH level is important, because the efficiency of the sanitiser is related to the pH level. If you use chlorine as a sanitiser and the pH goes over 7.8, the chlorine will lose about 80% of its efficiency. 

    ORP is measured in mV, and is a measurement of the capacity of a sanitiser to oxidise and destroy organic matter. For chlorine the recommended value is 720 mV. If you have higher bather load the chlorine demand will increase, and as direct result the pool will experience a drop in the ORP value, indicating that more sanitiser is required.

    Under the NSW health regulations, pools that are required to use an automated system include pools in hotels, motels and other accommodation, clubs, workplaces, schools, holiday units and hospitals. Non-compliance with the new regulations can result in penalties of up to $17 000 for an individual or $85 000 for a corporation. 

    Waterco’s Digichem Plus can provide a reliable automated dosing solution for commercial applications such as public pools.

    The Digichem Plus has been used in the Water Treatment industries for more than 10 years with a proven track record.

    The Digichem Plus constantly monitors and doses the pool with the appropriate chemicals to keep it at a healthy level. It is also connected to up to eight nominated people that it sends an email/SMS to when the pool needs correction. 

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