Waterco's sand filter & hydroxypure system keep water quality to another level

Fri, 7 Oct 2016


Chlorine free system enabling unique design


"It worked perfectly with Hydroxypure. The plants are thriving in the crystal clear, clean water."

says Tony Fisher, managing director of Waterco Europe. 


When the stakes are high, the products you recommend for a multi-million dollar project need to be perfectly suited to the job. 

A huge London development situated on the Thames, close to the world renowned Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, was one of these projects. The development had some very unique needs – and these were met by Waterco products installed by a leading UK designer of fountains and water features.

“One of the most important things to be considered for this installation was the fact that plants were planted in the water - which could not be done with a chlorine system,” says Tony Fisher, Waterco Europe.

“It worked perfectly with Hydroxypure. The plants are thriving in the crystal clear, clean water.”

The water feature sits in the middle of newly
constructed apartments, so it was extremely
important that the water quality was consistently
of a high quality, as residents will be walking past
the feature on a daily basis and would be very
quick to notice if the feature was not maintained properly.

The brand new concrete water feature contains approximately 30,000 litres of water, is fully tiled and incorporates three water fountains. It also has a waterfall over-spill at one end, with plants lining both the inside and outside borders of the shallow pool. 

Completed in April 2015, this incredible water feature has looked nothing short of spectacular since its installation, thanks to the combined use of Waterco’s chlorine-free Hydroxypure system and a Waterco Micron 30” sand filter.

Hydroxypure sanitisation is based on the Advance
Oxidation Process. (AOP), which combines Perox, a
chlorine free sanitiser (H²O²) and hybrid ozone (O³) to
create one of the most powerful oxidisers in nature.

“Waterco’s sand filter with the fish tail lateral arrangement increases filtration quality and reduces water loss through backwashing,” says Tony. “Since we installed the filter and the Hydroxypure system, the water quality has always been excellent.”

The pool’s position and construction meant keeping the water clean and clear was more difficult than a standard installation. 

“The main part of this feature is a shallow pool that stands outside in full sun and is exposed to all weather,” explains Tony. “This can make it difficult at times to keep the water quality of a high standard using a standard sanitization system.”

“However, the Hydroxypure system counters all of these issues and has even been keeping the water soft enough to prevent lime scale build up around the waterfall features.”

Download case-study-london-development-hydroxypure.pdf

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