Providing Quality Pool Solutions to Support Excellent Education

Thu, 4 May 2023

Providing Quality Pool Solutions to Support Excellent Education


Education Beyond the Classroom

A good education nowadays is no longer confined to the classroom and academics, as parents and educators realize the importance of exposing children to different environments and activities in their early years to help them discover and cultivate their interests and potential. A well-rounded education not only helps students develop essential “real world” skills and abilities such as leadership, teamwork, social skills, public speaking, problem-solving and time management, but it also helps students gain better physical health and self-esteem through participation in activities that they enjoy and adapting to various situations in a way that is challenging yet fun. A holistic approach to education is the way forward in helping our children prepare for their future, especially in today’s fast-changing world.

Diagonal angle view of the indoor six-lane swimming pool

The International School @ ParkCity – Creating a Safe Environment for Students to Reach Their Potentials

Located in the charming and esteemed township of Desa ParkCity, The International School @ ParkCity (ISP) provides a comprehensive curriculum for students from the age of 3 to 18 years old. Since its establishment in 2011, ISP has been working towards its vision of becoming Malaysia’s premier international school by offering excellence in the academic sphere, in the sporting field, and in arts and beyond. In line with the school’s vision, ISP has a high-quality Physical Education programme to inspire students to succeed in competitive sports, as well as to nurture a positive relationship with physical activity in a way that supports their health and fitness in the long run.

To complement the school’s aspirations, excellent facilities play a vital role in providing the students with a safe environment in which they can freely explore and achieve their full potential. As ISP expanded its on-site provision with the addition of a weatherproof six-lane swimming pool, it sought expertise to set up a reliable system for the pool’s operation and maintenance.

The swimming pool is regularly used for sporting events, lessons and activities, nurturing the interests and potentials of young learners (Source from Desa ParkCity Kuala Lumpur Official Website)

Waterco’s Solutions for a Commercial-Sized Pool in a School

It can be difficult to operate and maintain a commercial sized swimming pool. Firstly, it requires durable equipment that can withstand and support high water input and output. Secondly, a large pool is expensive to maintain, thus, it is important to have a highly efficient yet cost-effective system in place to minimize cost. In addition, ISP requested that the pool water be maintained at a warm temperature of 30°C to maximize utilization and ensure comfort throughout the day. This added to the challenge as conventional gas heaters are costly to
operate, while solar heaters are less reliable because they are dependent on the sun.

  • 3 units of Hydrostar Plus Pumps installed on site.
  • These commercial pumps are made of glass-reinforced thermoplastic, which is corrosion-free, resulting in better longevity.
  • Each pump contains a heavy-duty 4-pole motor, producing a high-performance pumping action and making it ideal for large pools that require high output.

To address these concerns, ISP engaged Waterco’s authorized dealer, AC Pools & Services Sdn. Bhd., which in turn, proposed the following solutions:
• 3 units of Hydrostar Plus 5.5kW
• 5 units of Micron Filter S900
• 5 units of Electroheat 37kW

  • 5 units of S900 Micron Filters on site.
  • The filters embody the latest fibreglass winding technology, producing a seamless one-piece vessel with no welds, seams or special tank linings that can corrode or electrolyse.
  • The filters are designed for simple maintenance, in which users simply need to switch the Multiport lever from “Filter” to the “Backwash” position to clean the filter bed.

  • 5 units of Electroheat Heat Pumps on site.
  • Electroheat uses refrigeration technology to extract ambient heat and transfers it to the swimming pool.
  • It uses only a fraction of electricity compared to gas and electric heaters, making it an energy-efficient choice while saving on electricity bills.

The Outcome: Satisfied Clients and A Well-Functioning Pool

ISP and its pool management team were happy with the pool system, as it was easy to maintain and cost effective. With our reliable pool system in place to keep the swimming pool functioning and warm all year round, it can be put to good use for competitive sporting events and training lessons, as well as casual swimming activities. Having a first-rate swimming pool has truly accentuated the school’s commitment to pursuing excellence while enriching the students’ schooling experience.


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